1. Focus

    Gahhhh kill it with fire!

  2. rantatonne

    Upon viewing this picture the people of Italy flooded into the streets, demanding their politicians to file a anti-defamation suit against all American ‘i list celebrities.’

  3. j/k

    True story. Jennifer Nicole Lee saw a man with a camera. She got naked.

  4. lillaliket


  5. Tom

    Not enough cleavage to excuse that face… something seems off about it.

    • sassy

      Right? There’s something weird about the angle or perspective here. It’s like the face was photoshopped… onto a man’s body.

      • Tom

        Not just that… her mouth. Something is just weird about it, it’s like it’s too big for her face.

  6. Ollie

    She cuts tomatoes on the wrong axis

  7. Throjo

    Her secret ingredient? Testosterone.

  8. Jak

    Those are Man boobs

  9. Focus

    Throjo wins the game.

  10. I thought this was a joke picture with a woman’s head on a man’s body.

  11. Chupois

    Her body looks like a really muscular man

  12. Captain Obvious


  13. Jim Jones


  14. Tarl

    I’d hit it

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