1. Techman

    Could you please stop with the pics of this useless plastic woman? Does she actually do anything in life other than have her picture taken?

  2. Ken

    Fo what it’s worth – via Wikipedia:
    JNL, Inc. (now JNL, Inc. Worldwide) was founded in January 2004. Her books have been published both electronically and in print. She also launched a line of swimwear.

    Lee is a brand ambassador for nutritional supplement company Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition.

    Lee has two clothing lines. The Jennifer Nicole Lee Collection through Rogiani is designed by Elisabetta Rogiani for fitness model photo shoots. Lee’s own line is called the JNL Clothing Line, which includes gym and streetwear.

    In March 2011, Lee opened the Fitness Model Factory in Miami, Florida. The “factory” is a production studio containing photography and videography studios, hair and makeup styling, and coaching for fitness models.

    Lee is the creator of a fitness program called JNL Fusion. JNL Fusion advertising emphasizes “super spiking,” or the introduction of cardio between weight training exercises

  3. CT

    I have something to squirt into her mouth…I’m just saying! She’s hot as fuck, you haters are full of shit. You’d all pay to hit that.

  4. Oliver Klossoph

    Her ass is great. Horrible fake boob job, must have got the 2 for 1 special. Without makeup her face looks like a baboon.

    Conclusion: keep it doggy style.

  5. hehe

    stop posting this crap. all this pre-paid, staged nonsense is ridiculous as the heidi/spencer garbage that finally came to an end.

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