1. Sand

    Such venerable honor, such chaste restraint, such a wrong angle to take this photograph from. Beatify this paparazzo already, but take away his camera.

  2. Cock Dr

    I wonder how much she was paid to have that blender appliance next to her in these staged casual shots.

    • “I want to look like a stocky hooker with execrable taste in foot-… dress-… wrist-… eye-… everything-wear, and the secret, I’m pretty sure, is in the smoothie!”

  3. Squiggy

    It’s cute that she thinks that’s how people look when they go shopping. Then again if everyone did, the world would be full of win.

    Side note: Have you seen the trailer for “Ghosts with Shit Jobs” (mockumentary)? She reminds me of the girl who gets paid to work product names into conversations she has with people for a living.

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