1. Blech

    She really shouldn’t prepare to jack-off in public like that.

  2. Blech

    Sorry. *Threaten*.

    Lee really shouldn’t threaten us with jacking-off in public like that.

  3. Hey, Fish—is there any way you can track how many times the Zoom function is utilized on a page? ‘Cause I’m thinking this could be the current record-holder. Oh wait. Those Emma Watson lace dress pics. Okay, never mind.

  4. Solitude

    How much does she pay to have her pictures here? She is not even a real celebrity.

  5. GeM

    So why is she famous? I’m serious. I have no idea who this is. Other than having a smoking body, why is she on here? Is she a “Real” housewife or celebutante or what? In any event her willingness to display her tits is much appreciated.

    • kfc

      I think she works in fitness(personal trainer) for fat moms trying to get the baby weight off. I don’t get the hype to be honest because I doubt her clients look like her.

      Someone give her a hug so she can go away!

      We as a society already have to deal with kim.

    • cp3

      She is the #1 fitness model in the world. She is on the cover of at least one fitness mag a month, runs a multi-million dollar fitness training empire, and has kids at home. She works hard…unlike the “Real Housewives” or other reality “stars”.

  6. Nina

    She looks exactly like J.Lo

  7. Ted

    This chick has one of the best bodies of any “celebrity” I can ever remember seeing. Minus the fake boobs of course.

  8. cc

    Her body looks like my dentist’s. Sadly, I my dentist doesn’t dress like this at work. Pity really.

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