1. I think the reason most people call them just Matt and Trey is because they’re never quite sure which last name belongs to who.

  2. Coyote

    I want to marry her, and love happy ever after

  3. Maloney

    I think she make-up-shopped her whole head onto this body based on the make-up line on her neck.

  4. guy rossi

    She must be really fucked in the head if she has tits like those and can’t keep a man…

    • Yeah, I just don’t get it. Even a little on the heavy side and she looks good.

      Jessica on the other hand, well she’s got some nice morals also but she’s just plain dirty and nasty.

  5. ZippytheWonderSlug

    I would marry her. I’ve always thought she was hot.

  6. Ugh

    Based on that last “What We Missed” photo of Brittany, JLH should give her some “How To Dress” tips.

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