1. maeby

    wow she looks amazing!

  2. Josephus

    The irony of her attending the premiere of something called “Like Crazy”…is totally lost on me because I’m too busy motorboating the screen. Shit happens.

  3. Buddy the Elf

    I want a Stella.

  4. jasmine

    Her makeup is horribly done. She probably didn’t need much foundation and powder or whatever other pasty thing she has on, judging from the color of the rest of her body. Geez, how long has she been “famous” not to get it by now?

  5. NachoLibre

    marry me

  6. Gender Differences

    LOL, the true difference between men (Josephus & NachoLibre) and women (Jasmine) can be found in the comments section of The Superficial at any time.

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