1. J

    Geezus, her left foot is levitating!

  2. hollywood_hillbilly

    JH actually has some acting talent, unlike KK who can’t manage much more than a vapid smile and impersonating a urinal cake.

  3. September


  4. RivernEgypt

    They are almost identical. Well except Jennifer has talent, natural beauty, didn’t become famous from being peed on, well maybe not so much………

  5. adolf hitler

    would be so easy to just poke my head up in there and toss her salad

  6. NYC I Banker

    when the rest of the body begins fto fade … they (yesterday’s hot bods) begin to show more leg … their last remianing “halfway decent” asset (but only because they are perched on stripper heals – otherwise they would look chunky munkey)

  7. Bruno

    So Armenians aren’t caucasians now?
    This is almost WASP…

  8. MarkinCA

    She is sooooo hot…..

  9. adolf hitler

    j, it depends on how much t&a you have. if you dont have much, then no, youre not a real woman. if you have it but its from plastic surgery, then youre not a real woman. post some nude pics n i will let you know what you are.

  10. TGNY

    I love her

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