1. Jlove looking pretty ok.

  2. YTBOY

    She has GREAT BOOBS!!!

  3. right

    the Boobs are awesome!

  4. Hello tits. I’m willing to look past the crazy on this one. Would bone.

  5. Visible Ink

    Gaze upon thee puny humans and worship the might that is my bosom. – I’d worship. I’d also pour honey all over it.

  6. Derek Zoolander

    That bitch! She’s stealing BLUE STEEL! I have it punteted! Patricia’d! Wait? Paternitied?

  7. Sardonic


  8. Tron

    I just wanna hump her leg for a few seconds – is that too much to ask for?

  9. Alli

    She has chosen to age gracefully…applause JLove! And get on the cover of something soon please

  10. I..just want to fuck time…I’ll be on her “client list”…..

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