1. wow

    hahahaha! that black dude says it all! photobomb!

  2. The black guy in the back is giving her the ” im going to get myself some of that that thick white girl” eyes

  3. Venom

    Daamn, where the hell has she been hiding this body?

  4. Guy

    JLove went all Kim Kardashian on us.

  5. bruisey


  6. Cock Dr

    So has she been urgently dieting, is the figure the result of some new space age fabric physics, or was she hiding those curves under the mu-mus all this time? Enquiring minds wanna know.

  7. RL

    She has to own the big ass — clearly it’s worked for J-Lo, Kim K., Gaga, etc. She looks great.

  8. katie

    see the wonder that is the herve ledger bandage dress.. anyone looks good in those.

  9. TumTum

    She’s the reason I used to love Party of Five so much… damn, girl!

  10. Kudos to the fashion designer, who managed to work rebar and i-beams into the structure of her dress.

  11. Racer X

    DAT ASS.

  12. tlmck

    That’s all we need is another Kardashian.

  13. Blech

    Um, no. Kim Kardashian’s ass is losing a battle to gravity. JLove’s still looks good.

  14. Misana

    Looks like Kim K from behind…

  15. Best she’s ever looked.

  16. The only crowd she can draw at red carpet appearance is a black dude passing by, and that’s only because he thinks she’s a Kardashian mud duck.

  17. I am more evolved and stuff


  18. amstrad

    double photobomba

  19. shit i would put my face between those thighs just gimme a snorkel…shes looking hot

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