1. teala


  2. kj

    Uhm, ass implants?

  3. KC

    I didn’t know they made dresses out of Kevlar.

  4. Carlton Banks

    I’d hit it if it weren’t for those cankles.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    she has legs like Christina Aguilera, and that’s not a good thing.

  6. Poptr

    my, oh my… *rolls eyes white*

  7. I'd hit it.

    She may be squeezed in there so tight that I’m surprised she’s still breathing…but dayum, she’s lookin’ good.

  8. john

    She got home, took off that dress, and her furniture disappeared.

  9. duh!

    Somewhere inside her dress is a Spanx holding on for dear life…shhhhh…you can almost hear it starting to rip.

  10. Ray Roslewicz

    Leave her alone while I get her to make out with her ankles.

  11. bino

    She should take 10 bucks and get some crest white strips

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