1. Dan's friend

    I’d eat a sandwich made by it.

  2. Bert

    oh so shiny

  3. George P Burdell

    Look at the vagazzling reflection in the pool.

  4. NOI

    So fucking hot, she deserves someone truthful to her

  5. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Her breasts haven’t been THIS photoshopped since she was on the cover of Can’t Hardly Wait!

  6. Tony Tripp

    she is so hot

  7. hmmm

    so photoshopped she looks like a painting

  8. Jim Saiff

    Jennifer doesn’t need to be “Doctored Up” when she is photographed–It’s all Real–!!!

  9. hi

    Computer engineers spent a whole 5 months projecting a way to upgrade Photoshop so this cover of Maxim could be issued. Too much of a load on the poor computers.

  10. jim x

    True expert of a photographer hides that big ol’booty with a thinning fur wrap. Pay attention Chaz Bono.

  11. Miss Truth Hurts

    She has a nice body but her face is ROAD KILL!

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