1. Deacon Jones

    OH. MY. GOD.

    God help the man (and mattress) that this behemoth cuddles up to.

    She looks like she’s bait shit crazy to boot. Probably on Xanax, that seems to be the trend lately with my friends wives who have had babies.

    (to doctor)
    “So, my body is a wreck, I dont have a job anymore, and I sit at home and obsess over this baby now. That’s all my day, and life, entails.”
    “Ah! You must be depressed! It’s a condition, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Here, take these meds for the rest of your life to deaden your feelings. Then you can argue with Deacon Jones at your next cocktail party about why you have to take them.”

  2. The redhead in the background is thinking, “Huh, I guess I could be a model.”

  3. Sam

    Thick cankles
    never been a fan of this photoshopped old lady

  4. Damn, those are some tree trunks she’s sporting out of the bottom of that frock. Maybe she’s in training to play soccer.

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