1. So… that’s pretty much the end of the line for her, right?

    She never was much of an actress to start with, incredible hotness due to good genetics being the only thing going for her. Now, though, she’s not even girl-next-door attractive. And no, it’s not just because of the weight – I’m always done with some true BBWs (yep, looking right at you, pregnant Megan Hilty), but she doesn’t fit that bill either. Blunt truth: Fish’s right, her face is BUSTED.

    Well… it was a nice ride, J-Love. ‘Found you attractive since you were 16 years old (which was cool at the time – I was 18), but now that you’re looks are gone, we should just expect you to be the 21th century/less talented version of Kathleen Turner.

  2. Suzy Lee

    Ok, now you can go back to your Tacos and Cheetos, Mr. MightySweatPants.

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