1. She already accomplished everything she wanted in life. She’s locked a man down and got a baby. She doesn’t give a shit about anything else. That much has been clear about her personality since forever.

  2. JC

    Let’s be honest–shitty dye-job aside, she looks way better than any of us had reason to expect. I would have expected her to be a perfect sphere.

  3. I…I thought we had more time dammit. I thought we had more time.

  4. yawn

    i live with the hope that in 2001, her best year, she took a bunch of nude pics and stashed them away to be released at a later date.

  5. Mr. Fahrenheit

    “Party of five?”
    “Oh, why yes, I was on that show.”
    “No. This is a restaurant. I’m trying to seat you. Party of five?”

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