1. cirvyluvver

    She is ridiculously hot.

  2. Charlie Caligula

    Do these jeans make my career look valid?

  3. anonymous

    @Charlie Caligula:

    Does your lame, alliterative name make your posts look asinine?

  4. Ned

    She never did it for me. Cute, but not sexy. And her dumper is too big.

  5. Eric

    She’d be really hot if she worked at WalMart.

    • Jim

      Yeah, these are at least 10 years too late. No one cares anymore. And there is nothing hotter than a girls back. Woah boy! She is still protecting those things like they are hope diamonds. The should title this article J Love cowers like a moron and shows her back.

  6. CG

    I like her
    I really like the juicy booty
    All Good

    To that sorry bioch Jill talking smack, please tell it to your over eaters anonymous friends.

    • Jim

      You are an idiot. Her juicy botty looks like a grandmom. Pudgy much? This isn’t even relevant. And your sentences make no damn sense.

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