1. I know what you did last summer……and it didn’t look this good.

  2. I guess Party of Five refers to her entire wardrobe…5 fat chick dresses that she rotates through.

    She knows that we all know she bought a bunch of these dresses because they make her look less fat right?

    • Actually what “we all know” is that kid-touchers and closet queers have an obsession with bashing women that aren’t built like Justin Bieber.

  3. dollycat

    You look great Jennifer!!

  4. At this very moment, there is an entire fleet of alternative fuel vehicles criss-crossing the nation on the fat sucked out of her by liposuction.

  5. Anon

    Those insulting her are clearly teens living at home. She looks smoking hot. I’m loving the front zipup too. Would be a ton of fun!

    • Jack

      I was more gonna say that those insulting her are clearly past 30 ugly fat moms. She’s smoking hot…but it was about time she laid off the cookies.

      • Don’t forget the closet pedos. There are a lot of dudes who can’t get the real thing due to legal reasons so they settle for women that resemble 9 year old boys. What they call “fat” are those curves that ruin their fantasy.

  6. skunk

    id bust

  7. fakerealationshipssuck

    this is sad that ppl cae more about some celeberity than whats actually goin on in the world

  8. She’s so cute but this dress is hideous!

  9. Jade

    I’ve always thought she was beautiful even when she was “chubby”. I’m sure ALL of you people judging her harshly are absolutely stunningly sexy. *rolls eyes*

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