1. Mel Gibson

    Not sexy. Looks like padding for taking a shit.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    i could get lost in there for days

  3. deigo

    Not a fan, but her hind quarters are a hell of a lot better looking that sofia vergara’s hail damaged mine field of an ass. And she’s 3 years older than sofia.

    How about no more sloppy, aging, over-the-hill latinas?

    Who’s next? Charro?

  4. memem

    Keep em coming fish. I love them big rears

  5. Jacks

    I love Sofia and J-Lo. J-lo’s ass in these pics look great. She still got it going on. She is far from over the hill.

  6. jime

    Britney has the best hollywood ass ♥

  7. RoniMikey

    Looks great! Way better than Kim K.

  8. Davinci

    baby oil time

  9. carlitos

    why do men find big asses sexy It’s where the Shyts come out

    • Lump bit of Flesh

      Since we are assessing hindquarterstoday I just want to throw up in my mouth a little at these pix and say that I’d do Kim Kardasian doggy anytime, happily over this lump of fat.

  10. limky

    might taste good

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