1. Pffft

    Mom a$$, it happens

  2. lance

    no way. that ass is still perfect. that ass is hotter than most 18 year old asses out there. Rotund, yet tight and not flabby. That’s a beautiful ass right there.

  3. Carolyn

    Poor kids, right now they’re butt ugly.

  4. Parker

    It’s not perfect but you have to admire a woman who has trouble keeping her ass covered.

  5. horn dog

    bleaah. I’m one horny mofo, but this leaves me cold.

  6. Who else thing Marc Anthony is a wife beater? I always thought he looked pissed in public, kinda like Ike Turner pissed. Like, “I’m gonna beat your ass cause they love you more than me” kind of pissed. Who knows but we’ll find out when her career is totally flagged, she’s playing county fairs and releases the book.

  7. tvy

    id put my dick in tht

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