1. ilikebigbutts

    no thanks

    • Hugh Gentry

      you must prefer a cock and balls attached to it.

      • chelsea

        or he prefers butts that aren’t all lumpy and pale like cottage cheese. i don’t know, i think girls with big butts are attractive, but it’s hard to have an ass that big with no cellulite. it takes TONS of toning exercises and a really solid diet.

  2. RoniMikey

    Looks great! Way better than Kim K.

  3. Charlie Albert

    You can all talk about the things you see, and your opinions of JayLo, but………….this is one helluva woman.

    If you don’t see this, you are either gay (nothing wrong with that) or too young to appreciate beauty.

    At 72 going on 73 in a few weeks, my eyes remain young, and this is one woman.

    Sorry for those of you that don’t see this yet, but give it time, you will adjust eventually, and see the beauty behond the youth. Giive it time. LOL.

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