1. Ann

    That shot was taken up close while she was moving. There was a similar shot taken of her previously, about 12 years ago, when she going up the stairs on stage. She was wearing a metallic gold skirt, metallic gold tank and metallic gold gogo boots. Jennifer is beautiful and so what if her backside moves when she does. She is human and I’m sure that if someone were to take a shot of anyone elses rear side, it would look like that, or worse. Ever see those slow motion, close up shots before… they kinda make things all distorted and not normally what we see. I have never noticed Jennifer to look like that otherwise. So what if she’s 41, she doesn’t look it and she looks fit too. Why should a woman that age stop wearing dresses because a few men think she is too told to. It doesn’t make sense to me!

  2. Jack

    I’m amazed at the fact that this is considered to be news that should be reported.

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