1. BP

    Muy Caliente!

  2. BP

    I’d Tap Those Asses!

  3. blagooo

    j.lo is so desperate

  4. What time is it

    Ten years ago this would have been so hot!
    I would have been in the bathroom cleaning the stains from my shorts. Now…meh. What’s next Madonna, Christina, and Britney bleached upper-lip-stubble-make out-fest. Like Brit is going to remember to p/u the tampons. Madge don’t need them anymore, so she don’t care.

    Please call Jennifer Aniston, self-loathing is the best preservative

  5. Racer X

    The ass peaked during the filming of Selena.

  6. Jeebus

    I thought it was cute. Like they were up there being silly. Jeebus knows the Oscars could really lighten the fuck up. I thought it was adorable, even though I really don’t care that much for JLO.

  7. IKE

    This “Battle of the Asses” moment should have included Kardashian instead of Diaz. Does Cameron think she’s got a big butt?? Someone please inform her to the contrary. She’s not up there in rare air. :)

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