1. Snack pack

    I needed to buy some glitter for my daughter’s school project, but they were all out. Told me there was some kind of shortage due to the high demand created by J-Lo’s butt-pad.

  2. Strange how her ass suddenly looks small after a couple of years of being exposed to Kardashian sized butt cheeks.

  3. adolf hitler

    snack pack. no good. that was awful.

  4. le teacher

    sadly, at 42, humongous asses start looking pretty much like granny’s diapers…

  5. Ay Dios mio

    When your ass can make every shot feel like a close-up..

  6. mahogma

    Oh I’m gonna climb me
    a big meat mountain….
    just because it’s there.

    -Sir Edmund Hillary.

  7. barbosa

    no, the hair extensions don’t make your ass look smaller

  8. Misana

    ugly shoes

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