1. Toe Jam

    Lesbian. I called it first.

  2. lily

    Lol i really like her (Though I don’t think she deserved an oscar)

    • Toe Jam

      Yep. Naomi Watts for The Impossible should have won, IMO. (And Sally Fields was great too).

      • Couldn’t disagree more, Silver Linings Playbook was an okay movie but JLAw absolutely destroys the film. The diner scene & outside the theatre are beyond great

      • She was a chick in a chick flick. Nothing worthy of an academy award. I didn’t buy her at all in that roll…she looks beautiful, and she has all these problems (same for the dude), and they end with a dance showdown. Come on. I’m not hatin’, but for me – it was Pretty Woman 2 – The Electric Boogaloo.

  3. SP

    Now we know why she tripped

  4. Interred Ferguson

    Time to spell check that main headline………’course once it’s fixed, this comment will have me looking like a chucklehead….oh, well…

  5. Andy

    You know it’s banned from the Olympics as a focusing drug, right?

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