1. Janice

    Why does her dress have a mouth?

    • Donkeylicks

      Because if she was skinnier, had black hair, no breasts and a prosthetic nose people would be screaming hyperbaric chamber! Thats why, duh.

  2. Mervin vanden Testes

    Jennifer is a goddess. I look at a picture like this and I spontaneously ejaculate (no hands!).

  3. fapappy

    If “it” means any guy that can stand to be in a relationship with her for more than a minute..then yes..yes she does.

  4. cztv

    A man with a blond wig and lots of face work.

    That’s Maniston in a nutshell.

  5. Kooji

    laughing all the time while wantihcg the movie!!!!! Oh yeah! I remember I did that while wantihcg Date NightAwesome movie!! I haven’t seen The Bounty Hunter yet. I love Jen. I don’t mind wantihcg any movie of her! The best movie she ever made was Derailed 7adda QAWI .. I don’t mind wantihcg over and over because it’s AWESOME!!

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