1. rantatonne

    Well, she’s aging.

  2. King Diamond


  3. Fever

    Say what you will, I think Hillary Clinton’s tits look pretty damn good.

  4. yves

    It’s sad that recently, she has to promote all her movies by showing nipples, or announcing she’ll be topless or in bikini or lingerie.

    • I know, her PR flack you would think,. has worn out that particular trick (see Jen’s teats in HD!!) , but and still, they do it like clockwork – it works to some extent..gets her ink on the one hand, doesn’t get her movie tix sold — this image of ‘sexy’ Jen – which she is not and never has been, gets her legions of revenge fans (see triangle) worked up for ‘jen.’ They love pretending she’s a beauty, and you know who’s…er…rival. lol I know. Jen’s a regular Natalie Portman in the beauty dept.

  5. Tom

    Love her. Love ‘em.

  6. InkyBlack

    You could cut glass with them.

  7. Sue

    It sort of looks like she’s wearing a bra with fake nipples…

    Like this one:

  8. JA

    Dustin Hoffman in drag.

  9. abc

    I remember watching Friends when I was younger and she almost always had her nipples poking through her clothes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER NIPPLES?!

  10. Special K

    Someone’s getting long in the tooth.

  11. justsomeone

    its seems a bra to me lols

  12. justsomeone

    she is too old now and give her a long nose she looks barbara streisand

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