1. dude!

    Hey. I can use it in a sentence. Follow along:
    Obama is a retard. There. Did the world as we know it end? No, but if the retard keeps pulling the stunts he has been pulling we will be in deep do-do.

  2. CG

    Retard isn’t something you call a Retard!
    It’s something you call your friends when they act Retarded!

  3. shakespeare

    jen is hot,clean,and straight,brad went for the skanky lesbo,I bet jen knws how to bang you retarded,now,dummy

  4. Just as the Roman empire did not fall to Barbarians but to its own internal decadence, America’s eventual collapse will not be brought by immigrants or hijacked planes, but by its own obsession with that fucking retarded, RETARDED, R*E*T*A*R*D*E*D, REEEHTAWAWAWAAAAARDED political correctness.

    “OMFG, aliens are laser-blasting all of DC and blending prisoners into people-shake!!!”
    “Now now, ‘alien’ is such a derogatory term. You do not want to upset our visitors by dropping names that have acquired negative connotations through use in pop culture. We prefer ‘person of non-terrestrial origin’ if you don’t m…” ZZZZZAP!!!! BLEND!!!! SUCK!!!!

  5. JEN

    But nooooooobody said anyting when Obama referred to himself as “bowling for the Special Olympics Team” on Jay Leno????? gimme a break…it’s a word…not a statement….

    • Bored with life

      That’s because that would make you a cross burning racist if you said anything bad about Obama…

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