1. IreneWienne


  2. Jnt

    I love her!!!

  3. Jessica

    Does this count as a Jesse James photobomb?

  4. Evilbeagle

    Were they trying to make her look like one of those Real Dolls??

  5. neuro

    is it just me or does the stylist girl look really hot?

  6. Angie

    I LOVE how everyone is clowning on Jennifer Aniston when a. She is ridiculously loaded, b. 40 is the New 30, so why all the vicious attacks on her relatively young age and c. YOU will ALL be old and die one day, so get off your perfect, high horses. Also, what is most funny is that most, if not all of you, would NEVER have the guts to say your garbage to this woman’s face. Better to hide here and write your stupid, mean little comments instead of how great she looks. Really lame.

  7. Sarah

    LOVE her! Always have. Always will. She looks amazing… as always. She has to be the most fit, healthiest actress her in her age range. I would kill to look like that, airbrushed or not.

  8. mike

    Way too much air brushing, she looks fake.

  9. mike

    Her hair is over bleached too, I would love to see some real women.

  10. Ginger

    The wonders of photoshop. She only wishes she looked like this airbrushed replica of whoever this is suposed to be because it doesnt even resemble jennifer anistan in any shape or form. rediculous. she should be livid they did this to her! its like saying “your too ugly to publish how you really look”

  11. Krinkrot

    She is so pretty i pooped

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