1. Jill Ess

    Christina Applegate

  2. trix

    just get some collagen already. her pouty face is annoying

  3. kaschuh

    “Jennifer, give me your best, most desperate, ‘trying-to-hypnotize-Brad-back-into-your-bed’ look. That’s IT ~ don’t move! Perfect!!”

  4. BarbJ

    Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigra?

  5. Phatty

    Botox Blimp.

  6. Gina

    Photoshopped much??

  7. castallare

    Set phasers to “Stun and Freeze Genitals”

  8. Jillia

    Jesus Christ that looks nothing like her! They took away any of her character and made her look like every other pointy faced, blond haired, blue eyed bimbo.

  9. Stephanie

    Are you people nuts? Why in the he’ll would anyone want Brad Pitt? He got what he deserved a trashy ho that makes out with her brother and announces to the world she had sex with Bilky Bob on the way to an award show. Go buy some more kids maybe she can moleste them. Get a life Jen is way better than either one of those scrubs!!!

    • Blech

      Chelsea, I know you’re pissed because your fifteen minutes are up, but geez.

    • Blech

      And in case you hadn’t noticed, Jen has been around the block way more than Angelina.

      Who’s the trashy ho now?

      • Susanna

        You’re right, Angelina is not a trashy ho, she’s a nasty ho. She had a thing with her brother, how can you defend that. And don’t get me started about the necklace with the blood on it. That is just creepy.

  10. barkerman

    Airbrush city…. sheesh.

    She’s still a hottie, though.

  11. matt

    all hail ms. aniston! sublime!!!!!

  12. Zombie Kitty

    I didn’t realise they done a Senior Citizen Barbie…

  13. Rita

    Come on !!! The whole reason we love Jennifer is because of “the girl next door” look. That sexy, yet innocent look!! What the HELL was Allure trying to do ??? Turn her into another fake Barbie look??? Shame on you guys!!!

  14. memme

    She looks zoned out lol

  15. dinky

    Sarah Jessica Parker finally had her nose done!

  16. Jenniva

    Whoever was hired to do the photoshop editing for this shoot should be fired. These look terrible and very obviously fixed.

  17. jore

    This looks like Magnun look of Zoolander

  18. Jenniet2002

    i lurves it! esp the haircolor, obviously she’s photoshopped to hell and back, but who isn’t when doing a magazine shoot?


    Oh and such glassy eyes for a girl who is not known for doing any drugs much!!!!

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