1. Zoe

    Ugh spare me, anniston needs to give it up already she is such a washed up white woman.

  2. Zipped up

    Now Michael Jacksons dead someone has to go after the children.

  3. BarbJ

    At the Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there’s more to life than being really, really good looking.

  4. castallare

    Cub back to bed! I hab Anjewina wips now!

  5. crys

    she really doesn’t do cute well, she is a sexy woman she should stick to posing sexy in a grown up way

  6. burton

    she has a nicer stomach than most women half her age, how the hell???

  7. Kayne East

    Looks like Jen caught Kim K.’s flu.

  8. Cock Dr

    Just show your tits already. It’s not like they’re getting any younger.

  9. Bella

    OMG! Why are her bangs so messed up? They’re so crooked!

  10. browny

    photoshopped much? this looks nothing like jen aniston.

  11. MissC

    She reminds *me* of Britt Ekland here…of course, Britt Ekland would’ve been totally nude, and’ve had properly trimmed bangs. Point: Sweden.

  12. major


  13. Jon Hex

    I am ashamed of the boner I have right now.

  14. Reggie Rhino

    WTF Is that the Ghost of Rachel Past?

  15. LEB

    Isn’t she about 20 years old for pictures like this? Have some dignity, woman!

  16. mightycheese

    She looks like Jane Fonda

  17. schmitty

    WTF is wrong with her face?

  18. I'm on my Period.

    Nothing screams “young and sexy” like posing like a little girl whose just been molested…

  19. gigi

    oops, oh my bad — thought it was Beyonce with lots… LOTS…. of photoshop…

  20. Susanna

    Waaaooo….There’s a lot of overweight-depressed-jealous-sad-old-women-with-nothing-to-live-for-except-the-internet writing on this posts. You know what you should all do, DROP DOWN THE SNICKERS BAR YOU ARE PROBABLY HOLDING WHILE LOOKING AT THIS AND HIT THE GYM. You might look half as good as her in a few years……Ok I’m not gonna lie, you wont! BYE HATERS

    • Gen

      Oh God, another one who thinks she knows Jennifer Aniston! Listen to me Susanna, YOU DO NOT KNOW JENNIFER ANISTON, SHE DOES NOT KNOW YOU EXIST, SHE PROBABLY THINKS YOU ARE AN IDIOT TO WRITE WHAT YOU JUST DID BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT KNOW YOU, YOU ARE NOT HER FRIEND…ouf, sorry to burst your bubble darling!

  21. Heather

    she looks just like another blonde actress with no individuality or character.

  22. darla

    she is trying to look like Pia Zadora, besides the normal photohopping, no way you could convince me she has not had jowl filler, lip plumping and botox, her face responds and changes in the same way my own does, I clearly recognize it in this new practice look, I do like the bangs on her. Remember she is quoted as saying ‘I don’t like botox, I tried it once’ well, I tried it once too, did not like the shot, but still go back and get it done again. Not liking and DOING are 2 different things. She cannot afford to age naturally in hollywood~only true actresses like Streep and Betty White can afford to do that.

  23. WhiteGoddess

    She looks like JLo here, weird…

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