1. BarbJ

    Do not be fooled! Mugatu is behind the lens.

  2. ella

    blow up doll anyone?

  3. Greenie

    I wonder if they interviewed her about her new Sex and the City movie?

  4. Zombie Kitty

    It’s Heidi Montag’s long lost sister!

  5. SuperT

    Best Snuggle fabric softener ad ever.

  6. Wait wait, it’s Miley Cyrus y’all!

  7. AK

    This is literally the creepiest photo ever posted to this site.

  8. I'm on my Period.

    The sexualization of little girls needs to fucking stop already. I know older women in Hollywood have this unrealistic obsession with staying young and shit, but don’t you think your over-shooting just a smidge when you’re trying to make looking like a toddler sexy?? In the second picture she looks like a little girl whose just been molested for fucks sake! And all these stick thin models with bodies of 12 year olds? No hips no nothing? That’s not the way a woman’s body is supposed to look passed the age of 13.

    Seems like society is becoming more and more age intolerant… unless you’re a man of course. Then it’s sexy and rugged.

  9. Angel

    Reminds me of a Britney Spears album or magazine cover that I’ve seen somewhere. But these pics are terrible. Some don’t even look like Jennifer Anistan. She doesn’t play the sexpot role well, imo.

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