1. Willis Dikfitt

    She’s the poster child for a failed relationship . She bangs everyone to lure them in and then she’s dumped . Keep it up Jen .

  2. huh!

    Hm… they’d actually make a god couple. Unless she’s taller than him.

  3. Ugh…is her ego that small that she needs to constantly have it stroked? Now she needs the power trip of being able to break up someone’s relationship just because she can? She’ll kick him to the curb in 2-3 months. Class act Jen…

  4. Melissa

    She’s hotter than Jolie.

  5. kiki

    To be fair they weren’t actually married like she and Brad were.

    • Choyce2020

      So Justin & his GF being together for over 12 yrs doesn’t count for anything? Give me a break!!! You’d be singing another song if you were Justin old GF for certain. Face it Jen became what she claimed she hated the most a home-wrecker!!! Wonderful if Jen would like some zero water to help her swallow her judgmental condemning words…hum???

  6. lori

    Ugly dress.

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