1. EricLr

    It’s really nice of her to visit with burn victims like that. Not enough celebs take the time to do this kind of charity work.

  2. CIDM

    ASAP, someone must tell pancake boobs McChinny to STOP wearing those nasty dresses!!

  3. You know what would make this picture better? A time machine.

  4. McMuffin

    Aniston is the only celeb that makes me horny

  5. I’d let the both of them tag team me.

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Two old, insecure, unstable, hags who can’t keep a man, make the same movies over and over again, and have the plastic surgeon on speed dial. In other words, dream women.

  7. Tron

    There’s only one thing wrong with Jen’s tay-tays…they are not in my mouth.

  8. Shemp

    It’s a shame Jen didn’t show us her butthole.

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