1. bernie lomax

    Too much surgery?

  2. Negger

    Huh???? That’s Jenna Jameson?????


    That’s not plastic surgery… that’s from fucking FACE/OFF !!!!


  3. Jim Jones

    Damn, where’s the girl I used to spank to?

  4. S'up Bitches!

    At least she got rid of those horrible lip injections. She looked like Donald Duck in drag.

  5. Kaiser

    Whatever happened to the sweet-girl-next-door-with-a-cock-in-her-mouth look she had going for her?

    Now she just looks like the creepy woman next door you hope you never get drunk and put your cock in

  6. DoobZilla

    I’m assuming that the swelling is from Tito’s most recent beatdown?

  7. kdizza

    Jenna is looking more and more like Joan Rivers.

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