1. cp3

    The pap should sue for assault…and win. I know it is a big ol’ pain in the ass to have photographers follow you around but you knew that when you got into the business. Arrogant prick.

  2. dakjshjkh

    stfu pap. fuck all paps.

    • cp3

      Yet you are commenting on a photo taken by a pap, published by a pap, on a website run by paps. Do you recognize irony when you step in it?

  3. fattymcgee

    Yes, because the pic we’re commentating on was taken by someone who literally got into his face for the pic. “Your honour, when judging my client, don’t think of the puppies he rapped, think of all the puppies he COULD have, but didn’t”. That sentence is an elaborate way of my saying you’re a cunt.

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