1. Sheppy

    I like that car park. You have 2 hours free parking there.

  2. BiJenni

    I’d use my strap-on with her. No doubt about it!

  3. FashionAssassin

    New Trend: Cankle Cut Jeans

  4. Talamasca

    Great taste in clothes and men

  5. Frank Burns

    “Why is that bitch with the stroller following us everywhere?”

  6. This guy is a hipster doofus.

  7. Bigalkie

    She’s extraordinarily AVERAGE.

  8. She’s obviously thrilled with the new love of her life. Look at that happy shining face.

  9. She has the face of a smacked arse.

  10. GLT

    Permanent bitchface. If she smiled it would shatter into a million little pieces.

  11. Little Tongue

    How does it feel, going out with the single mother of a hated child?

  12. DeaconYerMuth

    dude looks just like Mark McKenney playing Darril.

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