1. JC

    “They were completely fine in each other’s company, so it didn’t seem like it was an ugly breakup at all,” a source says of the exes. “Or last I think so,” the source continued. “Let’s be real–she’s a rancid ball of hate, so it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between her ‘love face’ and her ‘stabby face.’”

  2. Netta

    Looking at this pic has the same effect as looking at that creepy little well girl from The Rin–…

  3. Sweater huh? Even January Jones gets a chill from January Jones.

  4. If they ever make a Gunslinger series, January Jones as Andy of Calla Bryn Sturgis is some creative casting i could get behind. Because whatever look she is making here, it just leaves me with a feeling that she should not be doing it.

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