1. gaudi

    Look honey, I don’t get paid very much and that is well documented, too, yet you make far more money than most so shut the fuck up you ingrate.

    • The Ugly Truth

      Lol, exactly. This bitch CAN’T ACT worth shit! She pretty much ruined Mad Men for me because I grew so annoyed of her… She’s definitely been screwing her way to the top, because she is by no means an actress.

  2. Dali

    She is very beautiful…and i did not find her answers at all bitchy.

  3. Forgettable

    She has such a handsome face, especially in pic 5. Was she a man before?

  4. Lucy

    Listen, they asked her about some touchy subjects, the kind that would piss off anyone, and these are select quotes. I’m not saying she’s a good actress (she isn’t) or that it was a good idea for her to complain about how much she gets paid. But this just seems like a effort to make her look as bad as possible. I’m pretty sure if Marie Claire had pursued a less sensitive line of questioning, she wouldn’t have reacted in such a way. Also, it seems like she is just an outlet for guys who wish they could sleep with her and girls who wish they could look like her to get out their resentment. Girls can be cruel and bitchy, it’s true and I’ve experienced this firsthand. But guys can be thoughtless, callous, insensitive dicks just as often. Being an asshole isn’t limited to one sex only, and good looks and popularity can lead to nasty behavior whether you’re a girl or a guy. Non-alpha males pin their hopes and dreams on incredibly hot girls who will never go for them (because they like dickish alpha-male types), ignore all the other girls out there who they deem not attractive enough, either get rejected or allow their resentment to simmer long-term, and then decide that all girls are coldhearted, shallow bitches who like douchebags. And from that single conclusion, misogyny flows unchecked.

    • Very good points, Lucy. Spot on. She’s not the prettiest girl out there and I can’t comment on her acting skills cause I’ve never seen any of her performances. She just alright to me.

      Seems like on a show that features Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare she would be lost in the crowd to me.

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