1. cc

    Too hard? Wimp! 30 more minutes of planking and you’ll get your ice cream.

  2. Is that Brittany Spears to her right?

  3. Jen

    Is that a cigarette in her hand?

  4. is that brooklyn decker to the right? the baby shouldve dropped on her.

  5. Paully Boston Baby!

    You know what though, at least she is with the kid! Unlike Whorrah Abraham who is always out partying at, ahem, “gentlemens” clubs. Which coincidentally have very few actual gentlemen in them.

  6. “Stay down there, you little bitch.”

  7. Inner Retard

    Jones 5 seconds earlier: I told you not to go there!… I told you not to go there!!!

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    “I really hate LA. If we were in NY, a bike messenger would’ve run him over by now. I guess I’ll have to feed him tonight.”

  9. Good lord! Is that Busy Phillips over there on her way to a yoga class?

  10. Judging by the length of that bag, I think she normally just stuffs him in there.

  11. “You should have done the right thing and walked away.” Xander to January in 15 years after 10 of intensive therapy, points out this moment as a key turning point…

  12. Rather Dashing

    Dear Flat Ass-ed ice witch,
    Please stop eating our children’s souls and leaving their drained husks to rot in the street. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, Brother Jedidiah would like his shoes back.
    The Pilgrims

  13. Stryfe

    “The last season is now split into two?! I DON’T WANNA!”

  14. Little Tongue

    “It’s no use throwing a tantum, little shit head, you are NOT getting a daddy. Understood? Now, get the fuck up, you’re making me look like a bad mother.”

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