1. Is she so drunk that she doesn’t realize he’s basically pushing her nose right off of her face?

  2. dirtdog

    What a pig.

  3. I’ve seen Deen stick his dick in some horrifying places, but even he has his limits.

  4. Pull the mask off the rest of the way. It is really Fred Savage under there, I just know it…

  5. Lita

    This is making out? I’ve been doing it wrong.

  6. James Deen…seen here trying to smell WTF is wrong with Janice Dickinson’s face.

  7. Tillman

    Janice, Janice, Janice… Remember what the doctor said about modeling clay and hot lights?

  8. If you can laugh in the face of death, I want you in my foxhole.

    That sounds dirty.

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