1. Cock Dr

    I simply do not believe that this happened spontaneously. One of these 2 players paid the other for this on camera tonsil tickle fest.
    That Marmont place needs to be burnt right down to the ground.

    • Amen to the fiery solution. One small consideration – warn the staff first and bolt the doors once they’re out safe.

      • Bad idea – if the undead have their own hang, you’ll know enough to avoid it. And since Lindsay loves mimicking events from the lives of famous stars, if it stays open she’ll be OD’ing from a speedball in one of the bungalows.

    • Doesn’t matter. It’s like the house in “Poltergeist”. Anything you build there will just be reinfested with the restless spirits of horny, strung-out celebrities.

  2. jaime

    That is beyond gross…..

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