1. Tonight you’re the top, my little minx.

  2. 90% and you let HIM go the remaining 10%…

  3. “Mmmm…minty fresh…you Mentos motha-fahka”

  4. Grand Dragon

    Kiss me, you fool

  5. “Get a good whiff brotha”
    [SNIFF] “Ooooooo that sheet’s good! Whaddat?”
    “Das som fine white poonani.”
    “Lemme get sumoh…” [SNIIIIIFFFFFFFFF] “Oooooeeee dat good.”
    “That shit is fo REAL, yo!”
    “Das reeeeeel goo… AAAAAAH!”
    “Shit, man, whaddup? You scared the shit outta me!”
    “There’s a motha fuckin’ floatin’ ghost head behind you! You kill someone to get that pussy?”

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