1. K Bell

    I don’t know whether to be scared that Taylor is freakishly tall or Reese is freakishly short.

  2. Christ, that broad is huge. I knew she was a big girl, but damn.

  3. Christi

    I wonder how she’ll incorporate this into a song.

  4. attorneyg

    Attack of the 50 Foot Women, Part II

  5. “Fi Fi Fo Fum…”

  6. Uhm

    Taylor’s 5″11. Reese is barely 5 foot.

  7. jc


  8. adam

    got damn thats a huge bitch

    she looks like lurch

    shit is that a man

  9. adam

    she has to have a dick no wonder no one stays with her after they discover that shit

  10. adam

    hmm taylor can be a mans name too i vote its a man

  11. steve chavez

    defiantly a man

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