1. aaah yes the ol’ jesus pose. must be shooting a corny music video

  2. dare i say this pose is cornier than 5th of july poop

  3. suck it

    aniston is hotter and probably doesn’t act like a little girl..

    • kiko

      She’s hotter if you like Granny porn. I take the new car with the fresh new smell and the tight leather; you can have the high-mileage used car that so many previous owner decided to trade in. Probably annoying rattles and an engine that didn’t purr.

  4. Doni

    Who is that in the bikini??

  5. Tilda Armstrong Jonez

    Doni, I don’t know, but it sure as H@!! isn’t Taylor Swift. THe proportions are alll wrong. The arms the legs, the nose, the hair, the thickness in the torso? SO not Taylor.

  6. Keijo

    OK, Taylor might be a great person and so on but I’d rather bang Aniston. If it was all just about banging.

    and it always is.

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