1. JC

    I will not buy this product unless it can proven that all moisture on Ms. Swedberg is, indeed, 138 Water. Because chemical testing is impractical, I’m afraid the only other option is for me to taste her…I mean, the water. Taste the water.

    138 Water Representatives, please FedEx Ms. Swedberg to me so I can begin testing. Remember to pack her in such a way that she remains moist while in transit.

    • The beach at Malibu often exceeds fecal indicator bacteria limits.

      • That’s why you should always wait 30 minutes to go in the water after Lindsay Lohan gets out.

      • Brozillian

        The homossexualism level of the comments here in The Superficial exceeds the limits measured in other sites.

        I would not mind about experimenting her 1,38% fecal bacteria sample right from “her source”.
        And not only shit bacteria is in seawater. Galons of mixed whale cum, fish pee and liquefied rubber is in too. And guess to where all this water goes? To your stomach, after eating that delicious shrimp and crab.

        Now stop being a sissy and throw the tongue all over dat body!

  2. Mohawk Disco

    Ahhh, the memories of days long gone when I actually thought I will have hot girlfriends like her. I miss those days. The sweet, sweet naivete of youth.

  3. 138 is the sexiest water nobody ever drinks. I’ve yet to see one of these chicks actually drinking the stuff.

    I’m half convinced it’s not a real product, just something some genius perve cooked up to get hot chicks to spread their legs for photos.

  4. snide

    NIce retouch on the bottle. And by “nice retouch on the bottle”, I mean that’s a lousy fucking retouch on the bottle

  5. crb


    Look at all that moisture! –That is A LOT of peeing for one girl to do.

    … not that I’m into that at all, I mean. fuck, i’ll just show myself out. ltrz.

  6. gseeker

    There’s a bottle in these pics? What? Where?

  7. The Die Hard thing is attributed to hipsters and I know that no one admits to being a hipster but I’m seriously not. You can mostly tell because I desperately wish I were cooler but I don’t do anything about it. I’m painfully uncool and it’s not a statement, it just is.

    That said, Die Hard is one of my favorite holiday films. My absolute favorite is The Ref, mostly because I like my holiday schamltz candy coated in profanity.

    Die Hard was designed to be a heartwarming story. If you are a dork like me you listened to the commentary and discovered that the writers of the movie set out to write a happy, hopeful action movie. If you pay attention to the music choices you’ll see very intential use of christmas music and bells to drive home the holiday spIrit.

    Isn’t any movie that takes place exclusively during the holidays a holiday movie? Sort of like, any movie that takes place on Halloween is a Halloween movie.

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