1. Prolapsed Liver

    What a pig.

  2. Hugh Jazz

    She’s a brave woman, not only to dress like that but to take the stage and perform under pressure. That said, she looks like 20 lbs. of ham in a 10 lb. bag.

  3. Cock Dr

    Nancy either forgot to double tape or the pressures of the moment simply overcame the dress and any modesty measures that were taken.

  4. suck it

    Om nom nom PEPPERONI !

  5. Tillman

    I don’t think that sore is gonna heal up.

  6. Snack pack

    “when a boob hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s a-harpy”

  7. Nancy’s not bad for her age. She is smart. Big tits. Wild in the sack I bet. Who cares if she goes off the deepend on occasion. What women does not.

    Speaking of women, shes much better then Chastity Bono. I feel sorry for her. Cute normal litle girl, molested by nanny, tries lesbianism to compensate for it, when that fails, mutilates herself to change her apperance only to be used by those who claim to be her advocates for Entertainment. I feel sorry for her.

  8. Double D

    That is neither FAIR nor BALANCED!

  9. Double D

    CNN – cover nasty nipples

  10. maeby

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my eeeeeeeeeeeeeyes

  11. rican


  12. Hugh Gentry

    it’s funny how she has to wear panty hose on her arms because they’re too fat.

  13. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    This whore just wants the paparazzi attention…

  14. not sure what’s grosser the pancake sized nip or the shnoz that makes jimmy durante look like michael jackson

  15. wtf bruh

    I’m f*ckin hard as a rock. love that feisty legal minded whore.

  16. Dude of Dudes

    That nipple requires 3 pasties for full coverage.

  17. Get over it

    well coming in at #38…can’t believe we all actually clicked on the NSFW version. Fuck it, no going back now. right click, “set as background”

  18. Get over it

    God help us all

  19. Uncle Rodney

    You gotta figure that after upholstering Kirstie Alley and Nancy Grace, the costume designers on DWTS are just ready to tell the producers to fuck right the fuck off.

  20. dork

    Nancy Grace is one of the most dispicable people on TV, so I love that I get to look at her big ugly nipple. I hope she’s feeling all that hatred and anger she directs at other people now. Ha ha.

  21. The Pope

    I guess this means we can call her “Tit-mom” now.

  22. suck it

    LOL I just read on TMZ that she is claiming it is wasn’t her nipple it was a pasty. RIGHT. You know, when I wear pasties I always want it to look like a nipple. I like trying to cover something up with something that looks exactly like what I’m covering.

  23. Mumbler

    It doesn’t look like a nipple, more like a bruise, like she might get from a Duke Lacross player….

  24. El Hoolio de Justiciarrrrrrre

    I wonder how much of her presumption of guilt is a projection of her own subsumed self-doubt and guilt. That said, I found her nipple quite adequate to spoof to.

  25. whooptydooo

    AHHH!! Yuck Poo!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Just think, you hide behind a desk for a career. You poke your head out of the hole for just a few weeks and the world sees your stretched out saucers. NOW LET’S GO FIND CASEY ANTHONY !!!!

  27. deadpool2099

    I bet her armpit is tighter than her cunt.
    I’m also betting she smells like a tuna fish and onion on rye sandwich with coffee breath.

  28. PtC

    I love how she’s denying the shit out of this now, and is telling anyone who will listen that that isn’t nipple, but a “breast petal”. Sorry cuntface, but men know a nipple when they see one, no matter how disgusting it is.

  29. PtC

    I love how she’s denying the hell out of this now, and is telling anyone who will listen that that isn’t a nipple, but a “breast petal”. That’s a goddamn nipple, and everyone saw it. Get over it and stfu.

  30. Wildbill

    I’m Blind!!!

  31. MoreOrLezFun

    WHY aren’t the screaming about that wardrobe malfunction? Bigots!

  32. Amy

    That is absolutely NOT a pastie (pasty?).

  33. firstofthefallen

    It looks like she stole her hair from Betty White.

  34. callithowitis

    lol i would enjoy titty fucken those fun bags just to blow in her face. let the cadaver dogs lick it off ha

  35. Don

    I complain about Chaz Bono being in the hot section, and this is how you improve. You know what? I’ll take it.

  36. Totally

    that’s what happens when your push-up bra is padded to the point where your nips are so unnaturally close to the top of your dress.

  37. Brooke

    I believe her thing about nipple pasties simply because that is NOT where real nipples belong.

  38. J.R.

    THAT is NOT a pasty. I don’t give a shit what she says. That is a real, big bumpy nipple. Definitely!

  39. J.R.

    THAT is NOT a fricken pasty… I don’t care what she says.

  40. A Mom 2

    You guys are all so disgraceful! How would u like someone talking about YOUR mom that way? So she’s not a young starlet…the young starlets won’t be young starlets forever either! Get over it! Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you are worthless or horrible… Obviously this generation is only concerned with sex and beauty and to hell with everyone and everything else, right? Maybe you can pass a law that once you turn 39 you are automatically gassed or something. What hateful horrid people this generation is!!!

  41. TrueGrace

    It looks like a badger has been chewing on that nipple. That is one ugly woman and one ugly nipple! “The devil is dancing tonight!”??? Yeah, looks like he danced all over her wrinkled, ugly face! I’ve seen drag queens that look more like a woman than nancy graceless.

  42. Ricor

    This bitch is satans spawn.

  43. Nancy “I smell Shit” a Soybellyed Smartass

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