1. Melania

    Why is it that women are branded as “un-fu*able” once they have had children?? Seriously,how old are the “men” who comment on here? 16? You obviously wont be getting laid after you hit the age of 30 if thats your mentality.
    Im so sick of hearing the words “frumpy”,”haggared” and “beaten up” when it comes to women with kids.

    When you´re a mom,a wife and a housekeeper,your everyday life isnt exactly glamorous no matter who you are,and normal people dont have a stylist up their ass where ever they go.So sorry if the “norm” makes your peanut peni all droopy…you want glamour and perfect looking babes? Wrap your pathetic cocks in a magazine!!

    • mpath1

      yeah but this site is called “the superficial.” so that’s mostly what guys (myself included) do here–(mis)judge and critique celebrities for surface qualities and whatever little we read/see of them. even perfect 10s get bashed for the tiniest blemishes. it’s all completely absurd and unreal, of course. i think most know that.

      but hey, a man’s right to fantasize…that’s has to be in the Constitution or something right?? ;)

      • tiki

        This is exactly why so many women are jacked up………….eating disorders etc….from rediculous comments from men like you……..

  2. frierster

    well said, Ms. Melania!!!

  3. Women like Julia Roberts built their fortunes in part by appearing on magazine covers that enforce the very stereotypes of which you are complaining (older women are less attractive, babies destroy the vagina, etc.), so we are well within our rights to mock them once they become old and ruined by the very standards they used to champion.

  4. kristen

    so…….she is still beautiful.

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