2. Anne

    I think she looks beautiful! Exactly what I want to look like when I’m passed 40…

  3. misskitty

    I think she looks 1000 times better than most of the people on the beach. She isn’t 400 pounds with a roll covering up a hidden thong. She looks pretty good for her age and having kids. It wouldn’t take her long to knock off anything excess weight if she wanted to…just a couple hours a day on an elliptical.

  4. Tara

    I agree with MissKitty. She did pop out a set of twins, after all, and she’s 43. not bad at all.

  5. barbosa

    She has more hunches than a scientist. Its never to late to try yoga to try to correct your posture

  6. Kate

    Never mind the body, her face looks nothing like the Julia of movies, magazines and TV interviews. She’s not beautiful at all

  7. Robin

    She still looks better then Ke$ha

  8. Renata

    I love Julia, she’s a natural beauty. God bless this kind of woman who don’t pay for a plastic body.

  9. Poop

    I don’t see what’s so bad about this? She looks healthy! She has curves. Real curves. Most people are just used to seeing all these other celebs that the only curves you can find are their bones. I think she looks great.

  10. Gag…all that money has gone to her butt. A typical case of middle age spread.
    And don’t tell me that women over 40 have to look like they have a sack of potatoes hanging off of their ass…my wife is 55 and is a size 1 and looks great.
    Julia looks dumpy and frumpy, and better look to old lady supporting roles.

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