1. Misana

    Grandma, what large hands you have…

  2. maeby

    It’s probably his half sister or something.

  3. Butt plugger

    She has hands the size of Andre the Giant’s

  4. richie

    too funny!!

  5. Drew

    Acid wash jeans and she probably thinks her roots are attractive.

    Fuck I miss the 90′s.

  6. Corester

    There is no picture of them in the same car, or at the same table or with them together at all. In fact it looks like she might be sitting at another table with her back to JB in the restaurant. A bit too much of a jump Superficial, they probably were just eating at the same restaurant and never even met or anything.

  7. Jess

    That awkward moment when 12 year old’s are in denial that a loaded teenage boy isn’t having sex with everyone that he can get his hands on.

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