1. Lissa

    I see a guy. I see a girl. I see a guy sitting with a group of people, not including that girl. I don’t see see the guy and girl ever together. I don’t see the point of this story.

  2. adolf hitler


  3. Corester

    There is no picture of them in the same car, or at the same table or with them together at all. In fact it looks like she might be sitting at another table with her back to JB in the restaurant. A bit too much of a jump Superficial, they probably were just eating at the same restaurant and never even met or anything.

  4. jess

    is he doing the shocker with his other hand?.

  5. BAHAH

    The fact that Bieber thinks he’s badass/hard makes me want to do violent, unforgivable things to him…

  6. TomFrank

    Did you ever notice that the flag of Canada is basically a leaf giving us the finger?

  7. Dr Ha-Ha

    He looks about 12 in this pic. That’s an upgrade from his usually looking 10 or 11.

  8. dein

    wow thats really mean but i like justin

  9. smokeyfire1

    hey bitch you think you are hard get a fucking life youdumbass and stop bieng better than anyone thats not right>you don’t little children in africa that don’t have everything and my sister can sing better than your ass stuck on my penis.OHHH AND EVERYBODY HERE THIS I HAVE A FRIEND NAMED KAYLA RIGHT.JUSTIN BIEBER YOU BEEN CHEATING ON SELENA GOMAZ.I’M SO SORRY SELNA HE NEVER TOLD.HE TOLD KAYLA THAT HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HER ANYTHING I READ THE TXT MESSEGES.THIS IS NOT A LIE>POST ME ON MY PAGE BYE.[q:}kl:]don’t mess with bitches i’ll knock your ass out.

  10. Trish

    Is that Justin?

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