1. foo

    did not see that coming

  2. Wyatt

    I’ve seen worse.

  3. SweetMarie

    You’re right, she probably doesn’t shave – because I’m sure she waxes instead! Waxing unfortunately requires letting the hair grow out to a certain length before it can be done again…

    • I believe it but it might be a good time to wear pants. Just saw her on someone’s talk show and she is just gorgeous so I can’t knock her too bad.

      • qwerty

        I think I read somewhere that women in some countries brighten their body hair instead of shaving it?

      • DM

        Yes its bleached to transparent , the only way you can really see it is up close and personal or if light rays catch them at an angle like this picture.

  4. Maeby

    it just adds texture

  5. Keenan

    Another reason why Asian chicks are hot; they never have to shave

    • Lady

      Then you’ve apparently never been with an Asian chick…

      • Lux

        Yeah, I was going to say….
        Now, those natural blondes? They don’t usually have to shave much if that’s really that big of a fucking hang-up for you.

    • Rex

      If they are human girls they have to shave. Ever watch a porno from Asia, those chicks are hairy as hell.

    • mpath1

      I’ve known many Af-Am women who don’t have to shave their legs. I’m guessing there are some women all over (of various ethnicities) who through their genetics don’t have to shave them.

    • oz

      Yeah neither do children you sick virgin.

  6. melanie

    MUST BE NICE to be a brunette with blonde body hair. That’s probably why she doesn’t shave.. just braggin. “Hey bitches if you thought I couldn’t be any more blessed check this out!”

  7. Heyzeus Hosay

    me gusta los zappatos!

  8. watugot

    she is so hot she floats

  9. Woofus

    @ Melanie TOTALLY!!!! You could grate cheese on my leg stubble, just sayin

  10. Icu

    With an ass like that, who cares is she doesn’t shave her legs?

  11. hapa

    my legs are pretty dam hairy so ill give her a pass fuck you people being so quick to judge

    • frunken

      I’m in the same boat as her so I won’t judge but fuck all you other people judging!

    • Phil

      You’re a ‘star’ … you’re gonna get pics from the paparazzi, you’re wearing a saran wrap miniskirt that comes 3 inches below your cooze … we can poke fun all we want. If you’re hairy – shave or wear pants.

      I’d burn those hairs offa those thighs – she’s rub them off on my ribs

  12. gigi

    hold up! THIS is it???? the haters must be high…

  13. The Pope of Cleveland

    Wait, she has legs?

  14. BENWAW

    Damn that’s hot

  15. Stephanie

    Bright sunlight illuminating nothing more than a duvet veil on the legs. Now THAT’S reaching news.

  16. Rob Frost

    I don’t get the whole shaving legs thing.
    Also, the whole bra wearing thing – what’s up with that?

  17. Minerva Smelibut

    For her, I’d recommend a nice Fijian herbal treatment instead of shaving

  18. Blah

    Looks like the little fine hairs that grow in from waxing.

  19. Marie

    Beurk, hyper degeux

  20. Marie

    P.s: J’adore ton site! Bisou

  21. JayceeM

    If she let her legs get that furry, imagine the condition of her beaver

  22. TTV

    Ladies who don’t shave are awesome. I like this girl.

  23. Citylove

    She wax idiot ! XD

  24. Kimberly

    My first thought was lanugo, which you get when you lose a lot of weight. But she seems to be a healthy weight, so I don’t know.

  25. Stephanie

    @ kimberly, your so excited to use this word or what?

  26. Tashy

    Aww, they’re all cute and fuzzy! ^_^


  27. SIN

    Just don’t let her speak. She sounds like a tranny.

  28. Hank

    You ignorant bunch …
    Almost every kind of hair removal method – except shaving – requires the hair to be somewhat grown out. She probably has an appointment at the salon tomorrow.

    • VZ

      Yeah sure she does…..she just became famous and she is already disgusting
      so what’s gonna be in 2 years from now on, she will probably look baddddd

  29. Christi

    I feel like this needs more discussion.

  30. McCock

    most of those European models grew up near nuclear reactor leaks, which is why alot of them are freakishly tall and appear to have penises, so if she only has some peach fuzz, that ain’t so bad. As long as she doesn’t have teeth in her vagina.

  31. DannyBoy

    Wanna meet supr hot Russian model? Shop at Costco because apparently she does.

  32. Lovemypussyhairthick

    When did hair become a crime? The more hair the better.

  33. Dude of Dudes

    Leg warmers. You’re doing it wrong.

  34. That’s nothing. Brazilian chicks seem to all have this fine layer of flaxen blonde fuzz unless they constantly shave.

  35. glace neuf

    peach fuzz! that’s actually a good thing, it means she doesn’t have beastly body hair. damnit, this makes her hotter… yes, i’d hit it :)

  36. Talk Hard

    I’ll take her having leg hair over having armpit hair.

  37. Double D

    Tom Cruise took this picture home to Katie, “Now see that! THAT’S sexy! That and a cock!”

  38. kimmykimkim

    If my legs looked like this, I wouldn’t let a goddamn razor blade near them either.

  39. Nata


  40. Bunny

    I know I am in the minority but I think that is nasty.

  41. Blech

    I shave up to my knees only… cause it’s easy, there’s a lot of movement during sex, I like to grace my guy with smooth and soft legs, and my thighs barely have any hair on them..

    But if you don’t want to shave, don’t shave. Whatever works for you is sexy.

  42. Name

    omg hahahaha! shame on her… but who cares anyway? Ronaldo looks like a pansy boy ^^

  43. aj3432

    she still has great legs. a little fuzz is no harm

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